The Estria Foundation
- The Estria Foundation (TEF) creates art in public spaces locally and globally to raise awareness and inspire action in the movement to resolve human and environmental issues, and was founded by Estria Miyashiro and Jeremy LaTrasse in 2010.

L.A. Art Machine (LAAM) - The L.A. Art Machine is a Los Angeles based arts organization with an eye toward global art phenomena. LAAM covers the most relevant and current happenings in the art world, organizes events, curates exhibitions, and advocates for a continuing and vital art community on all levels. With an aggressive calendar of cutting-edge, world-class art events in the U.S. and abroad, LAAM’s expansive reach attracts an eclectic mix of today’s most influential art-world contributors.

The Do ArT Foundation
- The Do ArT Foundation‘s mission is to engage the public to DO ART through interaction and education. We facilitate programs and projects that inspire interactivity, with a special focus towards promoting creative expression and inspiration for underserved sectors of society. Passionate about promoting all contemporary art-forms, The Do ArT Foundation recognizes the need for exemplary productions to create important cultural happenings.

The Mural Conservancy Los Angeles (MCLA)
- In 1987, a coalition of artists, public art advocates, city and state officials, and restoration specialists came together to establish the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Its mission today was the same as it was then: to restore, preserve, and document the murals of Los Angeles. In its role as public art advocate, MCLA works to protect the legal rights of artists and to prevent the loss of significant works of public art. Most importantly, MCLA is committed to preserving the artists’ heritage of Los Angeles as one of the mural capitals of the world.

Social & Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)
- Founded in 1976 by muralist Judith F. Baca, painter Christina Schlesinger, and filmmaker Donna Deitch. The Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) is an arts center that produces, preserves and conducts educational programs about community based public art works. SPARC espouses public art as an organizing tool for addressing contemporary issues, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting civic dialogue. Working within this philosophical framework, SPARC has created murals and other forms of public art in communities throughout Los Angeles and increasingly in national and international venues.

ICU Art or In Creative Unity is a Los Angeles based art production company specializing in murals and live painting events. ICU Art is recognized as one of the nation’s premier “graffiti art” production studios, representing some of the most talented and well respected spray can artists in the country. ICU Art first began presenting large-scale graffiti art exhibitions in 1993 and public mural work in 1995. ICU Art now paints commercial and community-based murals all over the United States, with artists and crews in most major US cities. We pride ourselves on a combination of groundbreaking, cutting-edge design, as well as community sensitive mural work. Please take your time reviewing examples of our various types of art production.

Crewest  - Representing only the most talented underground artists, known and unknown, from the West Coast and beyond. From graffiti to digital art, from paint to sculpture, our artists and exhibits are focused on what's current, relevant, and happening now. Our purpose is to promote gifted artists who's work may be too edgy and non-conventional for other elitist venues. We cater to art that speaks to the heart and soul as well as the mind. We believe in bringing raw and powerful artwork to the people of Los Angeles.

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